Building Science

We are setting a new benchmark for general contractors.

When you show up unscheduled to any other construction jobsite, is the owner of the company there?? No.

Our principals are hands-on onsite every single day in every phase of the building project. They hammer, they weld, they paint. They work hand in hand with every crew on site. When building custom detailed structures you must have non stop accountability on site over looking at all times.

Our Project Managers have a strict policy of not taking on multiple projects at one time. This ensures focus, quality, and promised results.

We value honesty and integrity above all else. We are an open book and have nothing to hide. Throughout the building process, we share with our clients each cost and fee, every invoice and man-hour and hold weekly meetings with the architect, client and builder. This encourages value-based decisions whether in early budgeting or final material selections.

From our professional no mud construction site, 24x7 client surveillance access, proprietary mobile app, fully insured professional crews, to our onsite accountability, we stand above the rest.

Unlike most builders we are more concerned with the life of the product rather than our pocket book and moving on to the next project. We only use quality products and we actually know how to properly install them.

Our first concern in building any structure is water intrusion. We take extra measures when sealing and flashing the house to ensure no possible chance of water leaking into the building envelope.

Our second concern is energy effeciency. We build your building super tight as to not air-condition the neighborhood. We use the best insulation to keep your building the temperature you set it at. We also incoporate products to reduce the amperage the building will need to pull in order to function at the level you so desire.

Equally important is the air quality of your structure. We incoporate zero VOC products wherever possible. When building tight/effecient structures you need to take in mind the air quality of the building envelope.

We build quality. If you already have a design/architect and just want it built right then give us a call. We partner and build for some of the very best AIA award winning architects in Texas.

Contact us today to discuss your next commercial or residental construction project with us.






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